Power Grid Automation

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OOO «ATS-CONVERS» offers various automation power grid devices to organize guaranteed power supply to AC consumers and to automatically re-activate various equipment:


PRP-1 Backup Power Switch   >>>

UPS Serial Reservation Module   >>>

APVK-1 «StartCon» Automatic Reactivation Device   >>>


Power Grid Automation
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Переключатель резервного питания ПРП-1
Number of inputs, pcs 3
Nominal input voltage, V 220 (230)
Extreme range of input voltage, V 175 - 390
Nominal output current, A 16
Nominal output capacity, VA / W 3500 / 3500
Switching time, ms 4 - 6
Overall dimensions (HxWxD), mm 44(1U)х483х245
Mass, kg 4,5
Price: 49,800 R.
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Модуль последовательного резервирования ИБП RBS 3K-220V
Nominal input voltage, V 220 / 230
Nominal load current, A 16
Nominal power, kVA/kW 3/3
Overall dimensions (HxWxD), mm 50x485х108
Mass, kg 2,6
Price: 14,431 R.
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Устройство автоматического повторного включения АПВК-1 «StartCon»
Operation / extreme range of input voltage, V 176–264 / 130-350
Extreme frequency range, Hz 42 - 60
Maximum allowable switching voltage, V 277
Maximum allowable switching current, A 8
Closed condition duration, sec., not less 1,2
Overall dimensions, mm 160х193х63
Mass, kg 1,2


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