Uninterruptible Power Supplies Questionnaire

To select an uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power supply system individually according to your requirements and production conditions it is better to fill out a questionnaire on uninterruptible power supplies.


Below you can fill out the questionnaire form on our website.


You can also download the questionnaire in PDF format, fill it out and send it to us by e-mail.


СDownload questionnaire in PDF format >>


Our experts will do their best to find an uninterruptible power supply that best suits your requirements.


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Uninterruptible Power Supplies Questionnaire
1. Load parameters:
Number of phases:
Rated phase voltage on load, V:
Current consumed by load when operating offline, A
Load starting current, A
Voltage frequency on load, Hz:
2. Grid parameters:
Number of input phases:
Grid voltage, V:
Grid voltage frequency, Hz:
3. Offline mode options:
DDG work:
4. System version:
UPS constructive version:
Telecommunication Cabinet:
Is a telecommunication cabinet required (for 19" rack UPS)):
UPS Type:
External service bypass:
Separate input of static bypass (only for Tower UPS and 3-phase input and output):
5. Battery parameters (AB):
6. Monitoring and remote control:
RS-232 Interface:
USB Interface:
AS/400 Relay Interface:
WEB/SNMP Interface:
AS/400 Relay Interface:
Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensors:
Status control up to 4 external discrete sensors:
7. Additional Equipment:
Automatic Transfer Switch at UPS Input:
Main Distribution Board:
Load Distribution Board:
8. Features of the object:
The need for cable wiring:
The questionnaire filled out by: