AC voltage stabilizer is intended to protect expensive and essential industrial equipment and objects especially demanding to the quality of power supply against short-term and long-term voltage deviations, as well as against high energy pulse surges and high-frequency interference.


Stabilizer type Single-phase
Nominal output phase voltage, V 200 / 210 / 220 / 230 / 240
Nominal output capacity, VA/W 6000/6000
Working/Limit range of input phase voltage, V 141 - 304 / 130 - 420
Built-in lightning protection Yes
Availability of remote control and administration Yes
Overall dimensions, mm 555х260х170
Mass, kg 21,5
Scope of use:
  • Administrative buildings, banks, officesAdministrative buildings, banks, offices
  • Russian Railways equipmentRussian Railways equipment
  • Industrial facilitiesIndustrial facilities
  • Telecommunication equipmentTelecommunication equipment
Достоинства и особенности
  • Extremely high performanceExtremely high performance
  • Thermal protection providing increased reliability and fire safetyThermal protection providing increased reliability and fire safety
  • Built-in lightning protectionBuilt-in lightning protection
  • High precision of stabilizationHigh precision of stabilization
  • Intended in RussiaIntended in Russia
  • High overload capacity up to 600%High overload capacity up to 600%